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About Tony Sossong

An electrical engineer with a passion for communication.

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Communication can take you places you never thought possible.

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Talk With Tone is a one man show

Meet Tony "Tone" Sossong

Hi, I'm Tony, but you can call me Tone as my friends do

I have a passion for helping people solve meaningful problems.

I'm curious to learn how I can help you.
I began Talk With Tone in 2020 after working as an electrical engineer for almost 4 years. My whole life I knew I would someday become an engineer, as I've always loved solving problems. I ultimately left my engineering job to start Talk With Tone after I realized my passion is helping people, not machines. I also became very curious about other cultures after my first international trip in 2019, making Talk With Tone a dream job for me.

I'm all in to help you achieve your goals.

Since founding Talk With Tone, I've gone on a journey that I couldn't have dreamed possible. In learning how to help professionals from all over the world how to communicate at the highest level, I've found the best version of my self as well.

My survival, both reputation wise and financially, 100% depends on me helping you achieve your goals. My skin is fully in the game
I couldn't have made a better investment for self improvement since I've come to the US.
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