Making Mistakes Together to Grow Together

In this week’s Business Breakdown I’m serving you up a challenge. The goal of this challenge is to help you be able to provide yourself more feedback which will in turn help you be able to advance your level of communication.

This week’s challenge is to record yourself summarizing the Our Customers section of the 1998 Amazon Shareholder’s Letter. The key phrases and vocabulary that I have identified as the most interesting and relevant in this section are listed below. In my summary, I will use alternate ways of expressing each of these terms.

A Challenge to Help You Grow as a Communicator

I’ve recently discovered the power of having clients record themselves making a video. This discovery came to me as I’ve begun a 90 day video challenge with one of my entrepreneur clients. As I’ve been making a video every day with the goal of uploading it to YouTube or Instagram, I have learned a lot about myself and the way that I naturally communicate.

Seeing and hearing myself on the screen day after day has really allowed me to be able to give myself feedback. Because of this, I am seeing an evolution happen in the way that I communicate, which is exactly what I’m here to help you all do.

This challenge aims to help you open up your own eyes and ears to the mistakes that you make (and that I make) so that you can really begin to get a hand on improving the way you communicate in English.

The Challenge - A Video a Week

Record a video of yourself providing a summary of the material provided [see pictures below].

Video length should be between 60-180 seconds. It should be at least 60 seconds, no longer than 180 seconds.

We will begin our challenge by making a video just as I did below. Feel free to go ahead and check it out.

This week’s content:

Use a different expression for each of the following words/phrases:

  • customer-centric

  • axiomatic

  • there is no rest for the weary

  • pioneers

  • it’s in the DNA of the company

  • relentless

  • best of breed

Goals of the Challenge

Our number 1 goal is to be consistent.

For many of us when it comes to challenges and recording ourselves, the friction that prevents us from being consistent that we need to remove is the judgement that we all have of ourselves when we know we will be making mistakes.

This judgement will be the number one obstacle to overcome, and for that reason I have decided to record all of my own mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning and we all make them, so don’t be afraid!

We want to make sure that we are able to dedicate at least 15 minutes to spend making our video every week. Check out my piece on why removing friction in your daily routine is critical to ensure that we are consistent in our positive habits.

Beyond being consistent, we are looking to achieve the following:

  • ability to provide ourselves with constructive feedback

  • improve fluency in English communication

  • improve summarization skills

  • improve vocabulary and ways of expressing thoughts/ideas

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask a question down below. I look forward to seeing your videos in the coming weeks and putting our heads together to help you communicate more confidently!

Accountability Always Works Best with a Buddy

If we are currently working together, we can break down our videos together. But what about if we’re currently not working together?

Definitely feel free to reach out to me! I’m happy to check out your video and provide you with feedback.

But my number one recommendation is for you to find an accountability buddy, also known as an accountabili-buddy. Either share this challenge with one of your friends, or let me know if you would like me to help you find an accountabili-buddy from the Talk With Tone Family.

An accountabili-buddy will help you stay consistent, and that is our number one goal!

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