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 Communication coaching for engineer for engineers, entrepreneurs & leaders.

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I've helped engineers & leaders that work for these companies.

“I couldn't have made a better investment for self improvement since I have come to the US.”

Sepideh - Marketing Manager
Los Angeles, USA

“Tony was there for me every step of the way in my challenging job-hunt process which eventually resulted in landing my dream job.”

Esty - IP Patent Attorney
Silicon Valley, USA

“In our sessions, I learned how to communicate and explain technical ideas to a non-technical audience, negotiate with other parties, and have difficult conversations.”

Yi-Ning - Software Engineer
Silicon Valley, USA
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Meet Tony "Tone" Sossong

Communications Coaching

Here to help you become a more confident speaker.

Speak English with more confidence than your native language.
I'm not your standard English teacher & our time spent working together on your communication skills won't be like any other communications training you've received.

I've helped professionals from 45+ countries become more confident communicators. My goal is to help you become confident to communicate in any situation.
Electrical Engineer

From inception to production.

I've helped design and manufacture products used all over the world.
I spent the first 4 years of my career working as an electrical engineer before becoming a communications coach. I've thrived working for and communicating in both big and small companies.

I know the ins and outs of how to communicate to be a leader in business.
Search Engine Optimization

The language of the internet.

Understanding people's intentions to better communicate.
My other personal business is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. In other words, I help people express their ideas and visions with confidence and in a way that will gain them the most exposure on the web.

I have a deep understanding of the intent behind people's questions, which helps me help you better communicate.
Business and Growth Consulting

Understanding the root of the issue.

Helping entrepreneurs & leaders realize their visions.
I help entrepreneurs & professionals from all backgrounds gain clarity on their purpose and vision. I then help them create an execution plan.

I'm here for them every step of the way until their vision is realized.
Language Learner - Español

I know & feel your pain.

I use my non-native language, Spanish, in a foreign country on a daily basis.
A huge reason for starting Talk With Tone was so that I could travel to use Spanish, which I began learning in 2019.

Now, I travel and live in Latin America, using  Spanish not just to survive, but to thrive making new friends and learning new cultures.
Semi-pro Poker Player

I'm all in on helping you, and I'm not bluffing.

My skin is in your game.
The game of poker is one of the most beautiful forms of communication. It involves storytelling, negotiation, confidence, luck, & pressure- everything that everyday life has.

I've paid the bills with poker. I know how to manage stressful situations and what it feels like to be all in with your skin in the game.
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